World Diplomacy Forum

World Diplomacy Forum-WDF is a not-for-profit organization that is centered on dialogue facilitation and exchange of ideas and knowledge on the global scale. WDF is dedicated to building bridges for understanding and global cooperation. Diplomacy remains the core method of interaction and dialogue among states and stakeholders in the leadership position. Our focus is to assimilate diverse voices within our dialogue forums to create sustainable solutions to the most pertinent global issues-current and emerging. The first edition of “World Diplomacy Forum” will be launched as an annual gathering of ambassadors, senior diplomats, young professionals, policy makers, social innovators and academics in New Delhi on 24th & 25th April -, 2021. World Diplomacy Forum aims at providing an effective channel of dialogue amongst international stakeholders from around the world. WDF platforms will act as an instrument to nurture sustainable cooperation between state apparatuses, policy makers, thought leaders, media, nongovernmental bodies, private sector and academic institutions.

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